Can I Put a Suspension Lift on a Pop-Up Camper?

Suspension lifts are a popular vehicle modification, typically found on trucks, jeeps, and other off-road vehicles.

Due to their popularity, people have installed lifted suspension systems on just about every vehicle you could think of.

However, the question remains, can you put a suspension lift on a pop-up camper?

You can put a suspension lift on a pop-up camper. Repositioning the leaf spring from under the axle to above it is the most common method. However, some vehicle modifications will be required, and for this reason, it is necessary that you possess some level of automotive competence.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at how suspension lifts work, what types of vehicles have the compatibility to accommodate them, and the pros and cons that can be expected while using a lifted suspension vehicle.

We are also going to discuss some safety precautions to be mindful of when operating a lifted vehicle and where suspension lift kits may be purchased.

How Do Suspension Lifts Work?

Suspension lifts refer to a modification in which the entire body and frame of a vehicle are raised from the wheels to create more height, hence more ground clearance.

Many people install suspension lifts for various reasons.

The main two being increasing ground clearance that enables the vehicle to climb steep hills without bottoming out, and for the aesthetic purposes desired by some vehicle owners.

Whenever modifying your vehicle’s suspension system, always be mindful of hoses, wires, and tubes that may become bent, broken, pinched, or stretched due to the repositioning.

Before you begin the conversion process, assess and identify any of the components mentioned earlier that may become problematic, and rectify the issues accordingly.

Suspension Lifts vs. Body Lifts

Many times, people new or unfamiliar with vehicle suspension will use the terms suspension lift and body lift interchangeably, which is incorrect.

Although these two things may seem very much the same on the surface, key differences are involved not only in their installation process but also in the result.

The Difference Between Suspension Lifts and Body Lifts

As previously mentioned, suspension lifts elevate the entire body as well as the frame above the wheels of the vehicle.

Conversely, body lifts use blocks or risers to act as a wedge between the body and frame of the vehicle, leaving the distance between the frame and the tires unaffected.

Suspension and Body Lift Pros and Cons

The following table lists a few pros and cons for each type of vehicle lift modification:

Suspension LiftBody Lift
Pros– Capable of creating more height and elevation effect than a body lift
– Creates ground clearance making off road driving and hill climbing possible
– Easier to perform the modification
– Cheap to install when compared with a suspension lift
Cons– Modification or conversion process is typically more difficult
– More expensive to install
– Usually only good for visual and aesthetic effect, lacks any real practical application
– Does nothing to improve off road terrain performance

Suspension Lift on a Pop-Up Camper

Pop-up campers have long been a popular option for outdoorsy people looking to get out and spend some time in nature.

For some, this means exploring the less beaten paths, such as rough terrain and unpredictable landscapes.

Unfortunately, a lot of pop-up camper owners find that their camper is too low to the ground, which makes bottoming out a real cause for concern.

Naturally, this has led many to inquire about lifting their camper’s suspension in order to provide more leeway.

The good news is that pop-up campers can be outfitted with a suspension lift, which accomplishes just that.

The installation process for lifting the suspension of your pop-up camper will be similar to that of modifying a typical car or truck.

The Axle Flip Method

The simplest way to raise your camper is to simply change the leaf spring from underneath the axle to above it. This is called a Spring-Over-Axle (SOA) lift.

Most pop-up campers come stock with the leaf spring suspension piece positioned below the axle.

The leaf spring will be easily identifiable by its appearance as a bowed series of flat conjoined plates, braced to the camper’s axle by U-shaped metal brackets.

By disconnecting this piece, propping up your camper on jacks, and then resituating the leaf spring above the axle, you can create additional room allowing the suspension to sit higher. Some refer to this process as an axle flip.

While this is certainly not the only method of lifting your camper’s suspension, it is the most common, the easiest to perform, and the cheapest method.

Warranty Breach Potentiality 

It is worth noting that performing suspension modifications to your pop-up camper may render any warranties you have void.

If you have a manufacturer warranty on your camper, reread the terms and understand if suspension alteration is within the terms of the agreement.

If you have read the agreement and are still unsure, it is advised that you directly contact the manufacturer to inquire.

Safety Precautions

Fitting your camper with a suspension lift is not a job for beginners or weekend warriors.

If you are new to suspension modification, seek help from licensed automotive technicians, and do not attempt to perform a hack job on your vehicle.

Vehicular suspension modification drastically alters how your vehicle will react to handling.

If not done correctly, a faulty suspension can pose a serious danger to yourself as well as other drivers on the road. 

Whenever you are performing work underneath a jacked-up camper or vehicle of any sort, ensure that your jacks are suitably positioned on a flat surface.

Make sure that the saddle of the jack is in full contact with a stable point on the bottom of the vehicle. It is also highly recommended that you use bricks as well, just in case a jack blowout occurs.

Where to Purchase Suspension Lift Kits

One of the simplest and most affordable kits for repositioning the leaf spring and allowing the suspension to be elevated is this Dexter Conversion Kit.

No products found.

It is very simple to install, durable, and it will provide the clearance needed to take your camper off-road the next time you go exploring.

This leaf spring mount kit only works with one axle, so if your camper possesses multiple axles, additional kits need to be purchased.

This particular kit includes all the hardware and brackets required to remount the spring, so no additional purchases need to be made.

Never attempt to fabricate or jury-rig parts yourself unless you are qualified to do so.

Always purchase conversion kits first-hand from a reliable source to be sure you are receiving a high-quality product specifically designed for the task. 


Hopefully, you have gained some valuable insight regarding suspension systems, the different types of modifications possible, and how you can go about putting a suspension lift on your pop-up camper.

The cheapest and best way to lift your camper’s suspension is to reposition the leaf spring, which will create additional space and increase elevation.

Doing this allows for more terrain versatility, prevents damage to your undercarriage caused by bumping and scraping, and, quite honestly, just looks cool. 

As always, be safe, seek advice when necessary, and make informed decisions to avoid irreversible damages to your camper. 



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