RV Remodel Before & After (with pictures!) of 37-Year-Old Camper

Do you own an older camper and want to update it without doing a remodel? Get inspired by Jen's 37-year-old camper refresh. With new paint, flooring, and textiles, her camper was transformed from dark to bright and inviting.

After using their camper for 2-years, Jen and her husband decided to give it a facelift. They have it in a seasonal site in the stunning Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, which Jen describes as, “Our favorite place to be.”

Take a look at this transformation that they completed for under $600.


The original galley kitchen boasted a four-burner stove and ample storage, but the original dark wood cabinets and dinette needed a more modern look.

Jen recovered the cushions on the dinette to a neutral gray and painted the cabinets and backsplash. It’s amazing what paint can do!


Relocating the TV to a wall-mounted unit opened up a lot more possibilities for the bedroom, which is open to the kitchen and dinette space.


Another great example of what paint and flooring can do! Jen and her husband were able to completely change the look while staying well under a DIY budget.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

We are a couple from Pennsylvania married since 2018. We have two 2 dogs that we love to bring camping. Our camper is at a seasonal site in the Poconos and it’s our favorite place to be! 

Did you buy an RV to renovate or did you already own it? 

We owned and used it for 2 seasons before renovating it. 

Why did you decide to renovate instead of buying it already completed?

My husband is very handy and we love doing projects like this together.

When you renovate it yourself, it gives you the freedom to have things just like you want it! 

Did you have a budget in mind before you started? Did you stay under it or go over it?

We didn’t have a strict budget, but managed to stay under $600. 

Do you travel with your RV or do you have it parked?

It’s parked at a seasonal campground.

How long have you been RVing?

Five years.

Was it easier or more difficult than you thought?

We ran into some water damage so it was a little more work initially than we thought. 

What was the most intimidating thing before you got started?

All the tedious painting! 

What was the hardest part of the whole renovation?

Cutting the flooring just right. 

Would you do anything different if you started it again?

No, I wouldn’t.

What is your favorite part?

The floor and the bed is very comfy.

Any favorite materials that’d you’d recommend to someone who wanted to do it too?

We used stick tiles for the flooring that worked very well.

Also, we used Valspar Paint and Primer In One which saved a lot of time. 

Painting is time-consuming and can be a big project, but it’s a great way to completely transform a travel trailer with little investment.

It was so fun getting a peek into such a big transformation. Thank you Jen for sharing all of your hard work!



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