DIY RV Renovation – Water Damage Walkthrough

RV Water Damage
Whether you call it an RV, travel trailer, or camper trailer, you can probably relate to dealing with constant maintenance. Join us as we do our initial damage assessment as we begin the process of getting this thing back into service.

Our 2005 Dutchmen travel trailer has been sitting at another property for quite some time and has succumbed to major water damage in the bathroom, slide, and bedroom.

We recently towed it to our property so we could start the remodeling process. Once we got it on-site and started digging into the water damage, we discovered it was much worse than we anticipated. As we were assessing how bad it was, I started to demo the damage and didn’t get to video some of the initial tear out.

However, I’m back on track and created this quick video to give you guys an idea of how bad the damage is. It will also shed some light on how much repairs will have to be done and what the renovation will consist of.

As of now, it looks like there is going to be work completed on the roof, siding, insulation, trusses, subfloor, paneling, etc., etc., etc. We’ll post more as we go, share what we end up using to fix this, and how we can transform our bumper pull RV to something our family can enjoy.




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  1. On your video of the 2005 Dutchmen you showed some rot at the bottom of the rear wall. You said you didn’t know at the time how you were going to repair it. I have the same camper with the same problem and am looking for a solution. Did you ever fix the problem? If so how and did you do a video on that.


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