Video: How to rebuild rotten trusses on an RV

Roof trusses are critical to the support structure of your RV. If yours are rotten and need to be fixed, check out how we fixed ours.

When we first discovered our roof leak, we had no idea the full damage that was caused to our RV’s roof. By this time we were financially committed to seeing the renovation through, even though in the video, you can understand why we were so close to just scraping the whole thing.

Why the roof trusses needed to be replaced on our RV

A roof truss on an RV is part of the structural framework that supports the roof and provides stability and strength to the overall structure. Similar to roof trusses used in traditional buildings, they span the width of your RV and provide support so you can make the most use of the internal space in your rig.

In an RV, the roof truss system typically consists of a series of triangular or arched frameworks made from lightweight materials such as aluminum, steel, or (cheap) wood–which was our case. These trusses are designed to distribute the weight of the roof evenly and efficiently throughout the RV’s structure.

Why we had to replace the roof trusses

The roof truss system is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the RV and ensuring that the roof can withstand various loads, such as wind, snow, and other external forces encountered during travel. The trusses are usually engineered to provide maximum strength while minimizing weight to enhance fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Putting a new roof on a broken roof truss made NO sense and we had to go through the hassle of replacing these rotted trusses.

Unfortunately, if you’re facing a similar situation and have a roof leak, there is a good chance you also have rotten trusses.

Repairing a curved truss

Unfortunately and fortunately, most RV roofs are curved. This allows water to easily fall off during a rainstorm, but makes trusses difficult for a DYI-er.

As we show you in the video, use one of your other trusses as a template.

Hopefully seeing how Cody tackled this will help you in fixing your RV!

Let us know if you found the video helpful!



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